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Training and personal support for developing all aspects of MindBody Mastery:


The basis of your success is: you. Develop the foundational habits that will support baseline health and wellbeing.


A strong body equates to a strong mind. Discover the small lifestyle tweaks that will make lifelong fitness something that comes naturally to you.


Add years to your life and life to your years with simple practices that will extend your ability to enjoy life.


You can't get anything done without energy. With just a few small adjustments you can easily double the amount of energy you have access to.


Without focus, all of your efforts will go to waste. The right systems and habits allow you to eliminate distractions and direct your focus at will.


Without a compelling vision, life is meaningless even if filled with comfort and pleasure. By developing an inspiring vision of your own future, you empower yourself to live a more meaningful life.


Productivity doesn't mean working harder, it means spending your time wisely. It depends on having a trusted system outside your head for managing the flow of information and action decisions through your life, which frees your brain up for having ideas instead of trying to hold onto everything all the time.


Productivity is doing defined work. Creativity is defining your work, an essential skill for all entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creatives, remote employees, and anyone else in the position of being responsible for defining their own working schedule.

Performance Enhancement

Performance enhancement isn't just for athletes and executives, it's for anyone who wants to be at their best as often as possible, to rest when needed, and recover quickly. And it happens almost automatically when the right habits are in place.

Flow States

Flow states are the "holy grail" of modern peak performance, yet humans have been practicing them for thousands of years. And by learning to regulate body, breath, and mind together, you can develop the ability to access them at will.

Coaching and content to help awakening humans self optimize and self actualize.


MindBody Mastery Coaching

The Internal Path

Start here if you want to have more energy and vitality.

The Internal Path of Mindbody Mastery involves developing a Personal Daily MindBody Energetic Hygiene Practice for health, wellness, fitness, longevity, and internal strength.

This is a quick, easy practice that anyone can do that will lead to having a radically better day. It combines gentle exercise, breathwork, and meditation into a single activity (so it’s the good kind of multitasking). Think of it as your Daily MindBody Multivitamin.

It starts with the 7 Day Qigong “Non-Challenge”, which is easy and free.

Just enter your email, and you will receive a series of 5 video lessons, each around 20 minutes long, once per day for 5 days. No previous experience is required, and there’s nothing to memorize. Just watch and follow along.

For those who want to go deeper with the practice, you can join the Chai Tea Tai Chi Virtual Dojo, a monthly group coaching program that includes a follow-at-your-own pace video library and live weekly classes with a supportive community.

The External Path

Start here if you want to be more focused, organized, and productive.

The External Path of MindBody Mastery involves developing a robust and reliable Distributed Cognition Ecosystem to support high level executive functioning.

This is a trusted physical system outside your head that helps you manage the flow of information and action decisions through your life. This lets you use your brain for having ideas instead of holding onto them, which enables you to be more focused, productive, and creative. Think of it as a digital second brain.

The Kung Focus Classroom is a monthly group coaching program that includes everything you need to radically increase your productivity: weekly accountability meetings (WAMs), focus sessions, open office hours, and coaching in the fundamentals of personal organization and productivity, along with a supportive community, as well as a self-study curriculum.

Best of all, it includes access to your own copy of the Gamified Life Operating System (GLOS), a pre-designed, customizable, all-in-one personal productivity system that can be tailored to suit your unique needs, goals, personality, and lifestyle.

The Kung Focus Classroom is free to join for the first month, which will be plenty of time to radically skyrocket your productivity, if you take advantage of all that it offers.

If you don’t see any benefit or feel like it’s not worth continuing, simply cancel any time in the first 30 days and owe nothing (but still keep your copy of the GLOS as a gift).

Or, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of being a part of our community and begin paying at the beginning of your second month.


If you are ready to walk both paths at once, there are several options available.

MindBody Mastery Mentee Membership

This is a monthly membership that includes access to both the Chai Tea Tai Chi Virtual Dojo and the Kung Focus Classroom.

MindBody Mastery Monthly Mastermind

This is a group coaching program for those committed to growing in all aspects of MindBody Mastery with the support of a dedicated peer group. It includes access to the Chai Tea Tai Chi Virtual Dojo, the Kung Focus Classroom, and weekly mastermind meetings where we do the deep work of self discovery and personal growth.

MindBody Mastery Coaching

One-on-one coaching for those ready to take their MindBody Mastery to the next level. Personal guidance and support in replacing limiting beliefs, creating a compelling vision, developing and sticking to an actionable plan, and optimizing your mind-body-energy system for peak performance. Includes all MindBody Mastery Monthly Mastermind benefits.

Meet The MindBody Mastery Mentor

Dane Dormio is a martial scientist and Mindbody Mastery Mentor.  He has a bachelor's degree in math and physics, a black belt in Kung Fu San Soo, and a Master's Certificate in 18 Lohan Palms Qigong.

Since his first spiritual awakening in 2004 he has dedicated his life to understanding the secrets of flow states and optimal human performance.  He helps ambitious professionals and other high performers to optimize their mind-body-energy system, break through stress and burnout, and actualize their full potential.


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